About Us

About Us

The Digby Area Learning Association (DALA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the provision of education and career upgrading opportunities for people in Digby and surrounding communities. DALA is currently governed by a 15-member volunteer Board of Directors composed of community-minded volunteers and professionals with a variety of expertise. In support of the Board, as Ex-Officio members, we also have representation from our partners. DALA employs an Executive Director who assists the Board in administering the various programs.

DALA delivers educational and skills development programs, such as the Adult Learning Program and GED Preparation, and operates the Learning Grove Childcare Centre (offering early childhood education and childcare programs).

DALA continuously offers a number of other programs dedicated to improving literacy, including Family Literacy, along with programs designed to assist individuals with barriers to employment, such as E3 and Technology Help.

DALA is self-governed by its own set of bylaws and holds an Annual General Meeting in November.

Our Vision

DALA will strive to create equality of opportunity for individuals and families by being creative and flexible in responding to individual learning needs.

DALA will strive to provide continuous programming with a goal of increasing individual self-esteem and community prosperity.

Our Values

DALA believes that:

Trust, honesty, passion and commitment are obligations on the part of staff and board in their respective roles.