Learning Grove Programs

Our Facility

Our centre was designed and built to be a childcare facility keeping the children’s developmental needs and interests in mind.

You will see as you tour our centre that we designed the rooms with children in mind. Our washrooms are child-sized to ensure a safe environment as well as to provide the children with the opportunity to develop confidence as they complete the toileting routine on their own. Children do not have to be toilet-trained to enter our toddler program.

We have three programs at Learning Grove Childcare centre: a toddler program, a preschool program and an after-school program, recognizing the uniqueness of each age group.

Our Programs

Toddler Program

For children 18 months to 3 years old

The toddler program provides a nurturing and stimulating environment to support their early growth and development.

Preschool Program

For children 3 to 5 years old

The preschool program focuses on building foundational skills through engaging activities that prepare them for the next stages of learning.

After-School Program

For children 5 to 12 years old

The after-school program offers a safe and enriching environment where children can continue to learn, socialize, and explore their interests beyond regular school hours.

Our Approach

All aspects of a child’s development are equally important in our program. Children gain school readiness in a variety of ways, accomplished by providing a balance between child-initiated and teacher-directed activities.

Through our programs, the children will gain or have opportunity to:

We provide an all-inclusive program that meets the needs of every child, regardless of age, stage, culture, or need.

Community Outings and On Site Playground provide children with consistent outdoor activities.


Each year in the Summer, as children complete the pre-school program and prepare to move on to elementary school, Learning Grove holds a graduation ceremony at one of the local community facilities. 

Parents receive their child’s grad cap and a flash drive with the graduation presentation on it.

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